ATNSOFT Key Remapper V1.13 build 480 Serial Key ( Latest 2024)

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ATNSOFT Key Remapper Serial Key enables the user to remap and block mouse buttons, keys, and mouse wheel actions. This Windows application, for instance, may enable you to substitute the’ middle mouse button’ or an alternative key for the Caps-lock function, should it be tangibly absent from your input devices.

Atnsoft Key Remapper Download Windows 7 to change how your computer keys work. You can change the layout of your keyboard or switch Tab to Ctrl with this tool. Additionally, modifiers and single key strokes can be blocked. Certain applications include macro tools for remapping keys and managing shortcut services. Nevertheless, you must initially save them to the memory of your system. You can then effortlessly replace that key with the desired one.

Are There Any Limitations To The Number Of Keys I Can Remap?

TheAtnsoft Key Remapper Download Ios supports remapping for a wide range of keys, and limitations are minimal. Almost any key can be remapped using Key Remapper. In addition, it can remap mouse controls. One may generate numerous profiles for various objectives, each of which can be utilized to personalize the keyboard. The application features a primary area for configuring replacements and key blocks and a profiles administration block. In the profiles section, various key mappings can be created, modified, or removed. Performing this action will also configure Windows sound schemes.

This application enables the blocking and remapping of mouse wheel, key, and button presses, as well as the rotation of the mouse wheel, as well as the modification of the aforementioned actions via modifiers, it enables the emulation of double mouse button presses or keypresses and permits the configuration of the required inter-press interval. No modifications are made to the scan codes that are stored in the registry, and restarting the system is not necessary in order to implement changes to the mapping.

Customizing For Gaming:

Optimizing Key Layout for Gaming

Gamers know the importance of quick reflexes. ATNSOFT Key Remapper allows you to optimize your key layout for gaming, ensuring that every keystroke counts.

Assigning Macros for In-Game Actions

Gain a competitive edge by assigning macros for in-game actions. Execute complex moves with ease, giving you the upper hand in the virtual world.

Troubleshooting Common Issues:

Addressing Compatibility Problems

While ATNSOFT Key Remapper is compatible with many applications, occasional issues may arise. Our troubleshooting guide helps you address compatibility problems swiftly.

Resolving Remapping Conflicts

Conflicts between remapped keys can be frustrating. We provide solutions to help you resolve remapping conflicts, ensuring a seamless experience.

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Key Remapper 1.14 Crack & License Code Full Download [2022]

Top 10 Best Key Features Of Key Remapper Free:

  • Extensive Key Mapping Options: Redefine single keys or create intricate sequences.
  • Compatibility with Various Applications: Integrates seamlessly with diverse software.
  • Application-Specific Remapping: Profiles for tailored task efficiency.
  • Macro Support: Automate repetitive tasks for increased productivity.
  • Remapping Single Keys: Personalize the keyboard for efficient use.
  • Creating Complex Key Sequences: Execute multiple commands with one keystroke.
  • Optimizing Key Layout for Gaming: Tailored layouts for a competitive gaming edge.
  • Troubleshooting Support: Comprehensive guide for issue resolution.
  • Regular Updates and Customer Support: Stay informed with new features and dedicated assistance.
  • Customizable Shortcuts: Create personalized shortcuts for tasks, enhancing efficiency and simplifying daily workflows.

What’s New Of ATNSOFT Key Remapper?

  • It also remaps keyboard commands, mouse icons, and standard keys.
  • Customize keypad style.
  • ATNSOFT Key Remapper Serial Key Download.
  • You can map symbols to keypad keys with Atnsoft Key Remapper Portable Medium, Pro, and 2000.
  • Many more.

Program hotkeys:

Ctrl+P Pause
Insert Insert an action (replacement or block)
Shift+Insert Insert a folder
Enter Add/modify a folder or an action depending on context
Space Disable/Enable an action or a folder (including the actions within)
Ctrl+Space Disable all the actions of the folder
Shift+Space Enable all the actions of the folder
Ctrl+Shift+Space Invert the statuses of all actions of the folder (enables the disabled ones and vice versa)
Delete Delete a folder or an action
Ctrl+Delete Delete all folders and actions (clear the current profile)
Shift+Up Move a folder or an action up
Shift+Down Move a folder or an action down
Ctrl+X Cut an action or a folder
Ctrl+C Copy an action or a folder
Ctrl+V Paste an action or a folder


  • Allows you to disable and remap keyboards and mice
  • allowing you to emulate double-clicking with a double mouse
  • without rebooting
  • and overwriting registry information


  • Key Remapper Free does not support drag-and-drop
  • The reversion button is not available

System Requirement Of ATNSOFT Key Remapper:

  • Essential Remapper Serial Number supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, and 10.
  • A minimum of 512 MB of RAM is required.
  • Free space on the hard drive must be 500 MB.
  • The processor must be Intel Pentium 4 or later.

How To Install?

  • Download the installation file from this page.
  • Run the installer and select your preferred installation options.
  • Follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Once installed, launch the software and begin customizing your keyboard settings.


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