Astro-Vision AstroSuite Multi 2.0 + Licence Genrator

What is the Astrology Software Suite for Business Users?

Astro-Vision AstroSuite Multi 2.0_121115 With Licence Genrator


AstroSuite 2.0 Crack is a bundle of eight Astro-Vision software products to help astrology businesses. Download Here. The Astrology Software Suite for Business Users is a compilation of software tools developed to assist businesses in making effective use of astrology. These tools generally include functions such as horoscope matching, tools for making decisions based on astrological principles, and forecasting analytics built on astrological information.

Businesses can improve their marketing, recruiting, and other crucial business strategies by gaining insights into their customer base with these tools allow, businesses to understand their customer base better. AstroLoka Professional, Horoscope Explorer Pro, and Vedic Astrology Software PRO are just a few of the most well-known astrology software packages designed specifically for business customers.

Predictions consider a person’s physical structure, psychological type, character characteristics, and other details about them. You can use it to learn more about others, such as your coworkers, business associates, or fellow employees.

Why Astrology Software Use?

This application can be challenging to understand if you are accustomed to Western astrology because it uses references and interpretations that differ from those used in Western astrology. On the other hand, the data is neatly organized, and a table of contents is provided to navigate to a particular part of the horoscope in a flash.

The potential to transfer your projections is not included in the complimentary features, which is disappointing. On the other hand, the application allows you to save your data and re-generate the report to view specific portions.

You can generate the report in several languages, and there are five different astrology designs to choose from. The generation and presentation of the projections in the primary window require only a few seconds at most.

The Astro-Vision LifeSign Mini can help familiarize oneself with Indian astrology. She can be understood by all kinds of people, regardless of their degree of experience.

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Astro-Vision AstroSuite Multi 2.0 + Licence Genrator

What Are The Key Features Of Astrosuite?

  • AstroSuite astrology software pack features the following products.

LifeSign (with Parihara)

  • You can create detailed horoscopes with LifeSign (with Parihara), complete with computations, forecasts, and potential solutions. The Rasi and Navamsa charts, the Bhava charts, the impacts of the Dasa and Bhukti periods, the Yogas, general marital forecasts, cures, the Ashtavarga, the rulers of the Dasavarga, transit forecasts, etc., are all covered.


  • You can use the SoulMate program to generate astrology compatibility results for your clients. The assessment of the couple’s potential happiness in marriage is based on an analysis of the couple’s horoscopes. In addition, we’ll check for things like Kuja dosha, mama Samya, Dasa sandhi, and nakshatra harmony.


  • Users of your notification software can benefit from corrective diamond suggestions. Gemstone recommendations are based on thoroughly analyzing each person’s natal chart and celestial placements.


  • Based on this method, the YearGuide program generates annual forecasts (called Varshaphal in the Tajika System). From the day of Varshapravesh, one full year passes, or roughly one birthday to the next.


  • The computer generates personal predictions based on numerology. Numerology affinity between a person’s name and their birth date, lucky number, birth color, and other factors are detailed, as are suggestions for maximizing one’s potential based on one’s numerological profile.


  • AstroSuite 2.0 Crack is a program that helps you discover your child’s unique and significant name. Customers can benefit from your extensive database of infant names and their explanations.

PanchaPakshi Shastra

  • Like Vedic Astrology’s Pancha-Bhuta (Five Elements) method, this one has roots in old Tamil. In this model, the five animals that stand in for the five elements each have a chance in a sequential order to exert power and control over human behavior.

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